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About us

About Us

Clothing Manufacturer and Wholesaler for Small Order

       Are you ready to create your own clothing line? Do you want to have a private label? Do you dream to have your own design? If all answer positive, you are right here to read. Many people have prepared a lot to do fashion business, however, the supply of clothing could be a headache.

     Hujoin Apparel is a professional clothing manufacturer and wholesaler for small orders, the MOQ could be 100pcs, 50pcs, even 1pc. Find a low minimum clothing manufacturer who could even handle the entire fashion collection will be a key step to move forward. Small run, Small batch, Small quantity with the mixed colorway and mixed sizes is absolutely important. Also, the manufacturer has the ability to handle customized printing pattern, embroidery a logo, even custom label and tag is the key success of your business.

Once clothing is ready to ship, logistics will be a complicated procedure, it's a long journey to safely transport clothing to your warehouse. No worry, Hujoin Apparel offers an integrated solution from Design, Manufacture, Wholesale, Shipping, and After-Service.

Clothing Design for Startup

     If you want to start your own fashion line, the first step will be to have some idea what to sell. Women, men, jacket, dress, plus-size, there are many market segments. The market direction requires unique clothing design, someone may suggest you learn a little bit of knowledge of clothing drawings. Yes, it's useful, however, learning always take much time, especially the fashion sketching is a professional job.

     Actually, Hujoin Apparel could offer this service, you just need to share some ideas. Photos of the style you like, hand drawings you already finished, or even a professional fashion tech pack, this information will be great to start. Hujoin Apparel has professional fashion sketcher work with you step by step, and patiently make the change once the final fashion illustration is perfect. Also, Hujoin Apparel has existing fashion sketches that could help you to do the creation.

     Here are some dresses drawing to give you an example, dress drawing sometimes could be easy sometimes could be difficult, it depends on the complication of style. These drawing of dresses could immediately to make physical clothing samples and then, congratulation, you own business start.

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Custom Printing in your own Design Pattern/Artwork

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