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Fashion dream starts from tech packs

     Teck pack is the expression of the ideas of the fashion designers. That includes materials, measurements, sketches, workmanship, fabrics, and trims. When you have the tech packs ready, to be honest, you have made your design come true from one idea on your mind. 
       We can understand what you want from your tech packs and both of us do not need to spend much time on discussing the details, which can help you get ideal samples, accurate quote, quality assurance, time and money saving. 
      However, perhaps you do not have tech packs, no worries, we can help you make them as per your ideas, photos, drawing and anything you have, you just need wait, we will provide you with a complete and professional tech pack for you, then the fashion dreams starts from here!

- We do Knit, Woven, Down Jacket and almost all types of clothing -


techpacker service
techpacker service
techpacker service
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